Project Overview for the Adult Center Website

This page is only for reference. It will be removed before the site goes live.

  • Who owns this website?

    The Adult Center owns this website completely. At the end of the project they will be given an administration username and password. This gives full 100% access to the inner workings of the website. It can be copied, backed up, and even deleted with these credentials.

  • My role after the website is built

    I will be hosting the website. Hosting means that the website has a place to live and where people can visit it. I'll also provide maintenance, sometimes when websites are updated, they have issues that must be addressed at the time of updating.

  • Why the new domain name?

    We aren't trying to change the past but we need to show others what we do. The community and even our own members are widely unaware that we have a website. It's vital for the center's growth for people to know who we are and what we do. Also for new people doing Internet searches to find us. This is why generally our website pages need to have written text, pictures, and videos. In cooperation with the website will be various quick activities to get people involved with us at our location.

  • Language and Icons

    By using positive icons, having the proper marketing message, being user friendly (organized), giving positive reinforcement, and most importantly to go through the numbers of people, we can make ourselves better known. I have used a number of design techniques as well as influential copy strategies in this website to achieve this. It's to give the viewer ownership. An example is saying "Your Adult Center". Because if people don't feel like it's their center, they won't do anything. If they feel some kind of ownership/belonging then they'll value the center more. Let's include everyone to get more participators! 🙂

  • Everyone Must Win!

    Everybody must get what they want from our center or they will go away. At the end of the day "Retention" is the key. Sponsors must get recognized and supportive advertisers must have an increase in their cashflow. Members must be able to come to events, be entertained, or educated. This starts with a website that gives benefits and makes people feel good. As people, we work on an emotional level so we (within reason) should keep everyone happy as possible. I'll cover the benefits below.

  • Sponsors, Supportive Advertisers, and Our Members

    Show them what they want. The best way to do this is have appropriate organized titles on the website. Each page should have enough material to get them interested but not satisfy them. The content should be text, pictures, & video. Video ads should be made for each sponsor, type of event/class/free seminar, and one for the rental areas. Some I'll be able to combine to make the ad more effective. For this project I'll make up to 30 videos.

  • Involve Other Businesses and Charities

    We want to include other businesses and charities to get participation in using our room rentals, give donations, and to get traffic from the Internet. A little bit of effort from a lot of people can make the difference in the long run. The reason that other businesses and charities would use us is because they can be listed on the PRESCOTT EVENT CALENDAR or for not much money they can become supportive advertisers. WIN WIN

  • Why Stop There?

    Now I know this is an adult facility, however we need some young blood. There are high school kids and college kids that want experience in writing and want exposure for their talents. I'm sure we could get some writing talent if only for a dozen small articles. These article topics, I will research and give the keywords to Kathy McFadden. They will help in the first page of Google indexing and will help to maintain that if someone is trying to compete with us. After this project (after I recover) then I will make a number of short videos about copy writing and make those available to young writers so that we can offer something of value other than just a no cash job. They will get their picture and name on each article so they can feel important and part of what we are doing.

  • At the End of the Day

    Obviously all of these are just strong suggestions. If you really have any strong objections to something you need to tell me. I'm not a mind reader and I am a guy, which means I won't pick up on subtle hints.

  • All this probably more...

    The board asked me to put together what I was going to do and what my hot button was.

    People don't realize how much work goes into a working and successful website. There are many moving parts, from marketing, to copy writing, video construction, good call to action to influence the viewer, proper website structure to get the maximum value of Google searches and balance everything between what people are searching for online and human readable friendly interaction. This is all included.

    In addition, I will do ONGOING hosting & maintenance including updates on the server as well as the WordPress installation.

    All this for my mother to be listed each year in the magazine for her birthday, to have the Contract Bridge group to have no fees the last 2 Wednesdays of each May. During those 2 days the Adult Center will provide our group quality sandwiches for everyone in that group. There's usually under 30 people. I wish this to be infinitum once my mother passes to have her remembered. However if either party should be unhappy with this agreement then either party can cancel it. If the agreement is cancelled then The Adult Center would simply get new compatible hosting and I will migrate the website to that host. The website and domain of PRESCOTTEVENTCALENDAR.COM would remain the sole property of The Adult Center. Neither I nor my business have any claim to the website nor it's content other than to show it as samples of work I've done (such as portfolios or video examples see for examples).

    I've attempted to make this whole process easy to understand and simple to implement. A great deal of thought has gone into this. Based on my calculations it will take approximately 30 days from it's starting to it's completion and around 100 hours for keyword research, video creation, and website design. This of course depends upon my ability to receive pictures, videos, and other requested materials (from The Adult Center) to complete the project. This page will be password protected at the end of the project. If you have questions please contact me directly at (605) 393-7570. This is my mobile phone.