Prescott Free Seminars


All free seminars chronologically listed.

Highlighted area for the industry or topic.

Maybe use accordion style or expand/contract because of the page length.

Have link to the speaker to their website for SEO purposes.

Adult Center needs to share on Facebook Once a week. Even though this doesn't seem like it's worth it, it is. It shows social proof and is essential for Google to Index you higher.

Video may be small with lightbox to open up into a full screen.

Video will be offered to each speaker to put on their website. This gives the speaker a reason to keep coming back, to promote The Adult Center without spending effort, and to feel reciprocated to the center.

Video for each category or speaker.
Video End: The Adult Center phone and location
Video End: Courtesy of
Video End: The Adult Center phone and location

Compilation video for Prescott Free Seminars
While these seminars are free, as a courtesy to the speaker and staff, we ask that you call the front desk to reserve your spot.

Thank you,
Kathy McFadden
Operations Manager
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You need a special place that’s affordable!. Rent our facility for a few hours or all evening.
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